Clep College Composition Modular Essay

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I have a question about College Composition Modular with Optional Essay exam?

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(09-03-2017, 10:37 PM)n2yoga Wrote: I passed both of these exams. The DSST had more focus on how an essay is written, identifying a thesis, quoting/citing formats, evaluating sources, differences between APA/MLA/CMS. I found the DSST info sheet to be very well aligned with the exam. If you study all of the topics on the exam sheet you will have the knowledge needed to pass. The Modular Composition Clep had more focus on grammar, revising, and analysis. The CLEP also had some citing references with more focus on picking out individual components/location of the citation (ex: is the number 1956 the page number or year of publication?) whereas the DSST would show a citation and ask if it was APA or MLA. Studying citations will help on both exams in different ways. I felt they were similar in difficulty.

 Do you think if I passed the Peterson's 3 practice tests (with a 78, 78, 88) that I could pass both the CLEP and DSST? I feel I'm doing ok but my trouble is distinguishing between the format styles (APA, MLA, CMS)

BALS.SS COMPLETED (122 credits in 6 1/2 months)
CLEP: A & I Lit (63), English Comp Modular (74)
TECEP: Computer Concepts
DSST: English Comp 2 (417)
STRAIGHTERLINE: Medical Terminology, Religions, Western Civ I, Western Civ II, American Govt, Nutrition, Anthropology, Sociology, Environmental Science, Communications
STUDY.COM: Personal Finance, Vietnam War, Social Psychology, Research Methods in Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, Organizational Behavior, Classroom Management, Differentiated Instruction, Special Education History & Law, Foundations of Education, Early Childhood Education
SHMOOP: The Bible As Literature, Shakespeare's Plays, U.S. History 1, U.S. History 2, Modern European History, World Geography, Film Studies, Human Sexuality
ALEKS: Intermediate Algebra, College Algebra, Pre-Calculus
FREE COURSES: CybSec for Everyone, CybSec Business Professionals, Insurance Inst. Ethics, NFA: Fire Service Supervision, Community Safety Educators, Sophia: Developing Effective Teams


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