The Century Quilt Style Analysis Essay

The Century Quilt“The Century Quilt,” a poem by Marilyn Nelson Waniek uses literary devices in order to bring light to complex meanings. While analyzing the poem, I found literary devices like the use of imagery, hyperbole, sentimental tone, and structure. The quilt in the poem is recounted as more than just a piece of fabric. The “piece of fabric” has been through the whole expedition of life and has had responsibilities similar to that of a human being. Life’s purpose is to try and find your spiritual objective while living on this earth. Marilyn Nelson Waniek introduces us to a young girl who finds her spiritual connection through a quilt; literary techniques are used to help us better understand the complex meanings of the poem. I think a theme that is constantly being conveyed in this poem is the idea that our past makes us. The theme is heavily surrounded by the nature of ourselves comes from the stalk of our past. The theme of the poem constantly reminds us that if it wasn’t for our past, we wouldn’t be who we are today. The author uses many literary devices in the poem. One literary device used in the poem is imagery. Imagery is defined as “Imagery means to use figurative language to represent objects, actions and ideas in such a way that it appeals to our physical senses.” I believe the imagery used in the poem is tightly connected with the complex meaning of growing up. As we age day by day, the memories of you as a child slowly fades away. The sweet feeling you get as your mother caresses you to sleep or your father reading you a bed time story; the author uses imagery to reminisce about a part of our life we cannot relive. An example of

SAMPLE INTRODUCTIONSFOR “THE CENTURY QUILT”Read each introduction and try to make a prediction, will this be a upper-half or lower-half essay? Next to each sample identification, state your prediction. Then below thatstate what makes the introduction work or not work. Sample SSSWaniek’s “The Century Quilt” is a beautifully structured meditation on the importance of the history behind a quilt she loves. With the use of colors, vivid description, and reminiscent tone, the poet illustrates the meaning of the quilt.HighSample ZIn the poem The Century Quiltby Marilyn Nelson Waniek the poet uses many literary techniques to develop the meanings behind the quilt. LowSample WIn her poem, “The Century Quilt,” Waniek uses literary techniques to develop a sense of memory and meaning to the poem and the quilt she describes. Her use of loose structure, vivid imagery, and nostalgic tone add to the reader’s understanding of the significance of the quilt in Waniek’s life.High

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