Freud Da Vinci Essay

Freud loved art and collected it. In his London home, you can see the collection that came with him when he fled Vienna: a rich and diverse array of archaeological objects, a Rembrandt print, images of Egypt. It is often said that although Freud was the contemporary of Gustav Klimt, he showed no interest in modern art; but this is not fair. He dreamed about Arnold Böcklin's symbolist masterpiece The Isle of the Dead, and his books are themselves works of modernism that went on to inspire the surrealists.
His famous book on Leonardo da Vinci is anything but conservative. Making bold claims about Leonardo's sexuality, personality and the way works of art relate to real life, his book on this Renaissance genius is hugely suggestive and stimulating. It's one of the classics on Leonardo and always will be.
But what is wrong with it is the belief that art can ultimately be theorised and explained. It's not that Freud gets the artist wrong – his essential claims are convincing, his characterisation of the genius's indecisive and gentle personality acute – but that the quest for ultimate origins and final explanations seems futile. You might say that Freud's bedside manner towards Leonardo – his doctoring – is superb, but his scientific analysis seems to go beyond that humane sensitivity. The genius of the surrealists was to adopt Freud's insights while ignoring the underlying science – or, as more hostile critics might say, pseudo-science. They took what is living in Freud – the deeply insightful recognition of the psyche and sexuality – and left out the cumbersome dogmatic superstructure. What endures of Freud is the artist, the writer, the man of feeling.

The Genius of Leonardo da Vinci Essay

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The Genius of Leonardo da Vinci

By any standards, Leonardo da Vinci is one of the greatest minds to ever have lived. His fame is not only a product of his multi-talented life as a painter, architect, mechanic, scientist, geologist, writer, musician, physicist, and inventor, but also the quality of his vision and the caliber of his mind. There was no man before him, and as of yet, no man since that has been able to combine the worlds of art and science as masterfully as Leonardo da Vinci did.
Leonardo was an illegitimate child, born in the village of Vinci, from where his family took their name. Because he showed a talent for drawing at an early age, his father apprenticed him to Andrea del Verrocchio, a famous artist who owned a…show more content…

According to Bern Dibner, in his book Inventing Leonardo, it is the life of Leonardo da Vinci during this time frame that has inspired many different people of history as well as people of the present.
Good afternoon, my name is
Today I would like to show you why Leonardo da Vinci is a man that will always be considered one of the greatest people to have ever lived.
Although Leonardo was quite man, his work spoke for itself. Through his work as a painter and inventor, we have learned that Leonardo was a perfectionist. He loved what he was doing and put every bit of effort he had in his body, to each of the tasks he faced. He painted such masterpieces as The Mona Lisa, and The Last Supper, as well as designing a tank, helicopter, submarine, parachute, a flying machine and possibly the first simple computer ever. As a scientist Leonardo's ideas were quite unique and way ahead of their time. In fact, according to Charles Gibbs-Smith in his book The Unknown Leonardo, the great psychologist Sigmund Freud was quoted as saying about Leonardo da Vinci "He was like a man who awoke too early in the darkness, while others were still asleep." It is because the others were still asleep that many of his designs were lost.
The works of Leonardo inspired many different people from many different arenas. His art inspired such great artists as Michaelangelo, Donatello, Marcel Duchamp, and such modern artists

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