Film Essay Exemplars

For Achieved, the student needs to show understanding of visual and/or oral text(s), through close viewing and/or listening, using supporting evidence.

This involves explaining, by providing different details and explanations, the use and effect of at least four text aspects.

The student shows understanding of a visual text (Kathryn Hardwicke’s Twilight).  The use and effect of four aspects is explained: sound effects, gesture and movement, camera shots and make up.

The student explains the tension created by the lack of dialogue between the two characters (1), the self-control shown by Edward’s clenched fists (3), the distancing of Edward from Bella shown by the use of camera shots (4) and the mysteriousness created by Edward’s make-up (5).

To meet this standard with Merit the student needs to show convincing understanding, which involves explaining how aspects work together to create meaning.

The student needs to give more convincing explanations of the effects created by the text aspects. For example, 'mysterious' (4) and 'uncomfortable' (2).

For Excellence, the student needs to respond critically and perceptively to significant aspects of visual and/or oral text(s) through close reading, supported by evidence.

This involves making sophisticated, insightful and/or original interpretations and judgements through a detailed exploration and consideration of significant aspects of text/s.

This student has responded critically and perceptively to extracts from the films The Dark Knight and Inception, supported by evidence.

The student makes insightful interpretations of the aspect of camera work, and how it is used to explore the relationship between characters. These interpretations relate the scene to the wider film to show the significance of the camera work to The Dark Night as a whole (1).

The student sustains a strong link between camera work and its effect on audience and purpose. This interpretation is just sufficiently sophisticated (1) (2).

The final paragraph in this section explores some of the influencing factors that could be behind Nolan’s camera work choices. This begins to show evidence of original interpretation (3).

For a more secure Excellence, the student could provide more examples of original interpretations.  

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