For And Against Essay Using Internet


Introduction: Internet is a world-wide network of computerized devices and servers. Data travels to and fro among computer systems and servers.

Around three billion people around the world are using internet. The countries with largest number of internet users includes China, United States, and India.

The organization that provides the internet facility to users is called Internet Service Provider (ISP). They normally charge a usage based fees from the customers.


There are many advantages of internet.

  1. We can make donations online.
  2. We can send and receive information across large matrix of computer systems. Through email service, we can send messages for both business and personal purposes.
  3. Internet has opened doors for virtual online offices.
  4. During the festive season, we don’t need to visit crowed stores to buy our stuff. We can make online purchases at a bargain price.
  5. We can send birthday greeting cards through the internet.
  6. Before making any purchases, we can check online for user reviews of the products that we intend to buy.
  7. We can use social media applications on our personal computer and mobile devices. In this way, we can reconnect to our old school friends.
  8. We can gather information for new job openings. We can also apply online for jobs.
  9. We can earn online by doing freelancing jobs, selling online, completing surveys, affiliate marketing, etc.
  10. We can also sell old items that are of no use for us.
  11. During idle time, we can listen to music or watch a video.

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The disadvantages of internet are:

  1. We often tend to purchase those extra items that we rarely need. Such purchases are a wastage of money.
  2. The internet is not free. Sometimes, it hurts while paying bills.
  3. There are hundreds of vendors selling products of various brands. We get confused with too many choices.
  4. The transaction cost levied by the payment gateway providers decreases the margin of the online sellers.
  5. Too many contradictory review leads us nowhere.
  6. The physical distance among loved ones is increasing.
  7. Somewhere the emotional connect between people are missing.
  8. We feel helpless when the internet connection is down.
  9. We always remain engaged with many online activities such as checking emails, socializing, chatting, online shopping, business-deals, etc. We don’t get time to rest.
  10. Our life is moving at the pace of internet. We seldom spare few moments of peace for us.


We have the intellect to make smart choices. We should not allow internet to distract or disturb our mind. We should use it in a way that brings harmony in life.

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Hey, I'm learning English, and today I decided to write for and against essay, can somebody correct it? I want see my mistakes.

Nowadays, internet takes an important part of our lifes, especially for young generation. We surf the net, play online computer games and our daily routine is connected with internet. But what good and bad points have internet?7
Firstly it is important to state that, internet helps communicate with each other. In this century, the most powerful way to keep good or create new relationships, is communcation and neither way is not so good as communcation. Moreover since internet was invented, it always creates new employment, as a result country economic level, GDP and salaries are growing faster, than before.
Some people take the opposite view and claim that, internet causes behaviour and psychological issues. For instance, difficulty maintaining attention and concetration, communicate in reality. Those people get obsessed and addicted by internet, forget their friends, families, values. Another drawback is, risk to become victim by thieves. There are very big changes to be deceived, thieves are looking for naives, reliable and especially young people, who will trust them. Those victims reveals their personal information, this is easy loot for pretenders.
To sump up, internet could be either good or evil, it depends how you are going to use it and how smart are you. People who think about consequences are always the winners.

Thats it, thank you for your attention. I Hope somebody will help me :)

By the way, is here a lot of commas mistakes?

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