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A well-composed cover letter can be your ticket to getting an interview. A cover letter presents a great opportunity for you to shine a light on your achievements and recognitions while relating your skills and qualifications. Read this free maintenance supervisor cover letter sample and review the following ideas, designed to help you write an appealing letter.

Free Maintenance Supervisor Cover Letter Sample

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Dear Mr. Gowdy,

I am writing in response to your job posting for a maintenance supervisor. I have experience in this role and I know I am a great fit for this position.

You are looking for someone with experience managing a staff to meet the maintenance requirements of a large company. Having worked in maintenance throughout my career, I am experienced in all facets of this position, from maintaining ice-free sidewalks to resolving plumbing emergencies, moving employees between offices, and more.

As a supervisor, I take the responsibility to ensure the building and its grounds are always clean, inviting, and in good working order. Working with all departments, I strive to provide employees with well-organized seating and equipment setups for meetings, conferences, and other requests.

I am confident in my ability to excel in this position and I welcome the opportunity to discuss my skills in an interview. Thank you for your consideration.

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What to Include in a Maintenance Supervisor Cover Letter

Be sure to use the same language as in the job position and specify how you meet the job requirements. Always keep the tone professional and avoid using any clichés. Stay focused on your skills and qualifications and limit the letter to four paragraphs, as shown in the free maintenance supervisor cover letter sample above. Close your letter by thanking the reader and asking for an interview.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

Be careful not to repeat your resume information in the same manner. Expand on a few qualifications, just enough to whet the reader’s appetite. Following are some industry-specific skills you can focus on, along with the details outlined above in our free maintenance supervisor cover letter sample.

• Organization: Your job covers a range of tasks that must be completed daily, weekly, monthly, and so on. You must be able to manage your time and the time of your staff to meet the job requirements.
• Detail-oriented: An important attribute of this position is being able to juggle routine maintenance duties while ensuring you are prepared for shifting tasks in response to organizational needs and emergencies.
• Communication: Everyone depends on you to ensure rooms are ready for important meetings. Your tasks may include everything from arranging seating to setting up projectors.
• Job safety: In this role, you will be involved in a number of tasks that require you to follow proper safety measures, such as applying pesticides, working on a step ladder, working with machinery, and more.

To make your job application stand out from the competition, you need an engaging cover letter that clearly communicates why you are the best person for the position. Your cover letter supplements the information provided in your resume and gives your potential employer a chance to get to know you personally. Write your letter in a professional tone, but allow your personality to shine through. Whether you have years of supervisory experience or are applying for a supervisor role for the first time, your cover letter can be the key to landing your next big job. Take a look at our professional maintenance supervisor cover letter sample as a guide, and use the additional tips provided to refine your message.

Professional Maintenance Supervisor Cover Letter Sample

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Maintenance Supervisor Cover Letter Must-Haves

Include details regarding your maintenance knowledge and experience that are specifically stated as requirements in the job description. Since this is a supervisory position, be sure to include examples of leadership and your ability to perform managerial responsibilities such as organizing staff and delegating assignments. Refer to the professional maintenance supervisor cover letter sample for ideas on how to communicate your expertise. Always refer to the job description, and include a statement that thanks the reader for reviewing your application.

Best Action Verbs for a Maintenance Supervisor Cover Letter

Polish off your cover letter by including action verbs similar to those used in the professional maintenance supervisor cover letter sample such as scheduled, oversaw, resolved, initiated, organized, secured, streamlined, improved, inspected, and delegated.

Cover Letter Text

Dear Mr. Weaver,

I understand that Gillman National Bank is seeking a new maintenance supervisor for immediate hire. With six years of maintenance supervisory experience and extensive knowledge of HVAC, electrical, and basic plumbing, I am a perfect candidate for this position.I began my maintenance career 10 years ago as an HVAC technician for a corporate office building. I quickly branched out and learned electrical skills such as grounding circuits, replacing fuses and breaker boxes, and installing light fixtures as well as plumbing repair skills such as fixture replacement, leak repairs, and pipe and valve replacement. These skills perfectly match the qualifications stated in the job description. After four years, I was promoted to maintenance supervisor and was in charge of organizing, scheduling, and executing task orders, coordinating maintenance staff, and resolving building-wide issues. During my time as supervisor, I initiated a continuous improvement program and proposed long-term budgeting and renovation options to upper management. My plans were approved and the program continues to save the company thousands of dollars in annual repairs.I look forward to sharing my knowledge and leadership abilities with the maintenance staff at Gillman National Bank. Please contact me by phone when you are ready to schedule a meeting. Thank you for considering me as a candidate for this position. I look forward to hearing from you.


John Doe

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