Usefulness Of Forests Essay Writing


Forests are of great importance to any country and mankind as a whole. They contribute significantly to the environment, economic and social well being of the country. The role of more pronounced in a developing country like India, Forests are very important in the viewpoint of ecological balance, agriculture, environment habitat for large number of plant and animal species and as natural prevention of soil erosion. Forest provides large number of forest goods like timber, firewood, fruits etc. the list is endless. Forests are home to a large number of tribes. Forests attract tourists. In addition, they play an important role in the carbon cycle and add to the aesthetic beauty of the region.

Forests are vital to the maintenance of a stable environment that is conducive to sustained agricultural production. The forests protect and enrich the soil mantle by checking soil erosion. Nutrient losses the forest brings the mineral nutrients from deep to the top soil.

The forests are very important for the sustenance of wild life and they play an important role in food chain. It plays an important role in the water cycle also. They check the flow of running water and cause to percolate through the soil and increasing underground water level.

Forest related activities are often a primary source of income for the landless rural families’ collection of timber, firewood and other forest products.

The importance of forests has been realized all over the world now. Large deforestation for timber, for agriculture or dwelling houses the concern in the mind scale of every vigilant person. In recent times a large number of environment-friendly non govt organizations have come up in order to protect the forest and environment.

Owing to the numerous benefits and the products of the forests it can be easily stated that forests are one of the invaluable gifts of nature to man. They are an indispensable part of our earth’s ecological system and if the forests cover of the earth is not kept infact, the very existence of life on the earth will be at sake.

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Importance of forest essay writing

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