Info1103 Assignment Of Deed

package assignment; //INFO1103 Assignment 3, 19/04/2015 import java.util.Arrays; import java.util.Scanner; //import the scanner API import java.text.DecimalFormat; //import the decimal formatting API public class CoffeeBot { //superclass public static void main(String args[]){ //main method checkArgs(args); String name = greet(); int total = order(args,name); double difference = payment(total); //runInput(); //2 3 test input change(difference,name); System.out.println("Thank you, "+ name + "."); System.out.println("See you next time."); //System.out.println("The change needed is " + difference); System.out.println("Reached program termination. .."); } public static void checkArgs(String[] args){ if(args.length == 2){ <= 0){ System.out.println("Negative supply chain. System terminating."); System.exit(0); }else if(Integer.parseInt(args[0]) <=0){ System.out.println("Negative supply of coffee Integer.parseInt(args[0]). System terminating."); System.exit(0); }else if(Integer.parseInt(args[1]) <=0){ System.out.println("Negative supply of coffee Integer.parseInt(args[1]). System terminating."); System.exit(0); } } else if(args.length == 1){ System.out.println("Not enough arguments. System terminating."); System.exit(0); } else if(args.length > 2){ System.out.println("Too many arguments. System terminating."); System.exit(0); } else if(args.length == 0){ System.out.println("No arguments. System terminating."); System.exit(0); } } public static String greet(){ System.out.print("Hello, what's your name? "); Scanner inputName = new Scanner(; //start up the keyboard scanner //String name =; String name =; do{ System.out.print("Would you like to order some coffee, " + name + "? (y/n) "); String status =; if(status.equals("y")){

A deed of assignment is a legal document that is used in the transfer of real estate and land property. The deed of assignment is a very important document that should be kept at safely stored at all times, particularly in the case of real estate. The deed of assignment can generally be defined as a document which is drafted to guarantee or promise that the transfer of ownership of a property will commence on a particularly defined date. The deed of assignment, in other words, is a document that is evidence of a transfer of ownership, with the stipulation that there is a certain time period in which actual ownership is to commence. 

There are various situations in which a deed of assignment may be needed, though the most common occurs in the transfer of ownership in regards to property. An example may be when a developer of a new home signs a deed of assignment to a purchaser, stating that the property will be his/hers on such a given date. However, the purchaser may decide to sell the home to another person, which will also require a deed of assignment. This is necessary because the actual title deed of the home is most likely not to have been issued, and the deed of assignment essentially acts a temporary title deed. For every time that a property is to be sold before a title deed is issued, a deed of assignment will be needed. 



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